Bare Elements Series, Channel At Stove Pipe Run

The Channel, Stove Pipe Run, Tobeatic Wilderness Oil 36x48 inches

A continuation of my ‘Bare Elements’ landscape series this work I had shown being started about two months ago in a short video I had posted. This series is about reducing the landscape to its basic forms, places of energy where forces and the land come together to render something significant, high energy in this case.

I wanted to flatten the image to further reduce what we are seeing to it’s bare elements. The idea for this painting, 36×48 inches, oil on canvas, comes fromĀ a portage known as Stove Pipe Run in the Tobeatic Wilderness. When you are moving through the river system here you are on very flat water and then suddenly between these two lichen covered erratics (top and bottom) the river narrows to produce a long dangerous run that has tipped many an experienced canoeist into the water.

It is a place of intensity surrounded by calm. Calm in the topography of the low surrounding landscape and also in the biotic community, the lichens, grasses and forest cover. What we can see in the painting is the water before plunging into Stove Pipe Run to the paintings left, to the right is the calm of the river system. This is the place where the two meet, the point of intersection if you like. This piece should be available for viewing at Argyle Fine Art in Halifax in a few weeks.


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